Becoming Holy

Christmas in June!

on May 23, 2014


“Love your family. Spend time, be kind & serve one another. Make no room for regrets. Tomorrow is not promised & today is short.”~Unknown

Simple words.  Love your family.  Spend time together.  Be Kind.  Serve one another.  No regrets. I find myself wishing for more time. More opportunities to be kind and to serve. This past year has brought the last sentence home~tomorrow is not promised and today is short. This quote is a call to joy.  A call to do more and be more and live and love more deeply! Some of us are separated by distance.  Some are separated by death.  Separation is painful but can become the very place where God’s light enters into our being.

Jordan’s discernment with the Sisters of Life is a geographical separation which has, perhaps, brought us spiritually even closer. I love that I am finding the specific blessings of Jordan’s vocation.  There is such truth in the adage, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”  The Sisters of Life do not use social media~no texting, no Facebook, no tweets or twitters.  No emails.  Letters home about once a month.  Phone calls the same.  So…we have become a family of letter writers.  Imagine that~Pen and Paper and Stamps!!! There is such beauty in sending and receiving letters!  We are growing in the virtue of patience…(Only by force!)…as we await letter writing day each month.  We can write at any time so there is often a letter on the counter to take to the Post Office. Jordan has commented how meaningful each letter is~letters that would not have been written if all the other “easy” lines of communication were available.

With Jordan’s absence, it is now REAL that each of the children will one day leave. When the kids were little it was hard to believe this season of life would ever come. With  a six, 12, 13, and 18 year old still at home, I realize a lot of seasons are happening at the same time in our family. Such a blessing to move forward with the knowledge that NOW is our time to spend time together. To be kind.  To serve. To love. 

Seeing Jordan find her passion in life also reminds me that each of her siblings will find joy when they do what they are passionate about. This makes it necessary to look hard and sort out what brings happiness to each child.  True happiness~ not the fleeting kind our culture offers.

The countdown is on…11 days and Jordan will be home for a visit. It’s time to plant flowers, sweep the porch, prepare our home and our hearts for her return. It’s time to be kind.  To serve.  To make room for no regrets.   It’s time to love.



2 responses to “Christmas in June!

  1. Charlene, thank you for sharing your beautiful reflections! I will also be visiting my family in 11 days! It will be the first time I’ve seen them in 9 months. Our community does use social media, since it is a large part of our apostolate, but ironically my family does not.

    It is beautiful to hear “the other side” of the coin through you, as I prepare to venture out, knowing I’ve grown into a different me than I was when I entered, and wondering how that will play out in old environments and with old friends. Prayers for safe travels and a blessed time together! Please give Jordan my love. 🙂

    • charstar87 says:

      Oh…Julie! I am so thankful that you get to visit your family as well! How blessed they are to have you back! And how truly ironic that they do not use social media when you are so blessed to have it as your apostolate. Perhaps you are MY gift! I love to see what you are doing and how things are going in your order! I especially thank you for the photos of Jordan you posted back in January! Such a blessing to us. I cried absolute tears of JOY because of YOU!!!!! I will pray for your travels and your time with family! We are so blessed to know you. I will give Jordan your love and I know she will send hers back! Love you~Charlene

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