Becoming Holy

News from the Kingdom

on September 18, 2013


The Prince is far, far away in Chicago.  He has received word of my Blog and the many responses. He sent a reply and would like it to be known that he “is not an ogre!”  I assured Prince Charming that all is well here~neither of us has been banished to the swamp!  However, we both agreed that the Facebook discussion generated many amazing responses.  So many of us use Facebook as a touch point with family and friends who are far away.  It is an almost “magical” connection which previously was not possible.  Many others climb out of bed and check in with FB for words of inspiration and affirmation~we all know how the right words can be “day changers.”  

Several people expressed concern about getting “pulled in” by FB and allowing it to eat up the extra time in their day.  I have been guilty of this. But this is not the fault of Facebook, just as it is not the fault of television or video games or even phone conversations.  Each of us is responsible to monitor how we use our time.  It is extremely easy to go from link to link and story to story.  Setting time limits or checking FB at certain points in the day are two great ways to keep everything in order.

Two friends shared concerns about face time replacing “REAL” time.  What has happened to taking a walk down the street and visiting people or picking up the phone and talking to someone?  I think that is a great question to ask ourselves~are we replacing real time with face time?  Or are we spending face time with people we would have no other way of connecting with?  Are we using face time as a gift?  Do we work as hard at real time relationships as we do our face time relationships? No easy answers~great challenges though.

Thanking God for all my wonderful face time friends on Facebook and in the blogging world!  Know that you are loved and prayed for~not just once upon a time, but always and ever after!


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