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It’s just not Fair!

on August 22, 2013


It’s Fair Week and when you live in a small town, that is a REALLY big deal!  Our week started off with our poor dog, Rudy, splitting open her stitches from being spayed.  She has a nose cone on to prevent her from doing any more damage.  If she could talk, I’m sure she would tell me this is “not fair!”  She is bumping into things and having a harder time eating and drinking.  Just walking around is more difficult.  All of these things are actually blessings in her healing.  It has slowed her jumping and running as she has to pay attention to where she is going. We are caring for Rudy at our nephew’s home, up the road, where there is room to run and play.  Yesterday, the hornets outside were so numerous we couldn’t get through the gate without risking getting stung.  We returned, insecticide in hand, to access the backyard and check on Rudy.  Extra work, how unfair!  Right?

We finally made it to the fair around 5:30 pm~anxious to check on Maddie’s entry in the Open Class exhibits.  Sno-Cones were on the “hot commodity” list for the youngest two.  As we waited in line, the hornets and wasps plagued us.  The sugary sweetness of the Food Row was calling out to more than just the fair-goers.  I offered to risk the swarm to get the sno-cones.  Within moments, Nicole had been stung and her face was swelling.  Really?  She had been safer up by me.  She took benadryl and headed home with Jordan to ice her neck.  How unfair! She was the most excited about watching the Fashion Show that night!  I was feeling frustrated as we headed to the Open Class exhibits.  It took a little searching to locate the Junior Division, but there it was~Madison had won her first blue ribbon!  Her “Snickers-ish” candy had survived the heat long enough to impress the judges~it now looked like a melted lump no one would want to eat!  A quick text to check on Nicole and one to Dad to let him know of the blue ribbon.  Fair week was starting off well in spite of the sting.

Good news~Nicole rallied and returned to the fair in time to watch the Fashion Show.  The entrants did a fantastic job.  Max, however, was not impressed.  He was upset he had to sit through this “girl-thing” when he should be outside having fun.  He was offered a treat afterward if he could just hold it together~he wasn’t entirely successful.  The treat he wanted after was a $7 sword.  He was told, “no,” because he hadn’t really been on best behavior and he could try again another day.  This was most definitely “not fair” in his eyes.  We talked a bit about how much he really NEEDED another sword and how unfair it would be for him to spend $7 if each of the girls didn’t.  My mind was aware of how many times the word “fair” had been used at the Fair!!!

In the days to come, I’m certain there will be many a youth who feels things are not fair.  As the 4-H projects and animals are judged and ribbons are handed out, some will win and some will lose.  There will be discussions of fairness, favoritism, etc.  I can already imagine the parents who will say, “Life is not fair.  This is an example of the real world.”  And they are right.  Life is not fair.  We don’t all win blue ribbons or best of show.  Life is going to have its share of bee stings, second place ribbons, recovering dogs and disappointments.  But we show up. We try again.  We persevere.  Sometimes we are rewarded.  Sometimes not.

Even though life is not fair, I am thankful that God is.  He is aware of all we are and all we do.  Because of this, He doesn’t base His judgment on a record book or how we stand up in the arena.  He doesn’t hold us up to others to decide who wins and who loses.  We each stand on our own merit.  No comparisons.  No grading curve.  No favorites.  He knows our inmost thoughts, our motives, our fears.  He also knows our giftedness and grace.  He desires to work all things to the good for us.  Like any parent, He is proud of each of us for striving to do our best, regardless of any ribbon or trophy.


2 responses to “It’s just not Fair!

  1. great reflection…hang in there with the sting. JP’s is finally better

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