Becoming Holy

Wishes Do Come True…

on August 19, 2013


I don’t even know how to start this so I’m going to hope for inspiration as I type.  Yesterday was Gabbie’s 18th birthday~her golden birthday~and the celebration of her 18 years reminds me of God’s constant presence in our lives.  As we prepped for her party, I couldn’t help but think back to her actual “Birth” Day!  Jennifer had just had surgery in Seattle and my feet were extremely swollen.  We had to induce labor about two weeks early.  Joe and I were hoping and praying that Gabbie would arrive before Jennifer left our earthly home.  ARRIVE she did!  I don’t know if it was the megadose of pitocin or Gabbie’s love of making a grand entrance, but she literally burst forth into our world and we have been blessed ever since.

For as long as Gabbie has been alive, she has hoped and prayed we would move back to the Prairie.  She has always felt this was “home” for her.  She would pray to be near her grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins and all the amazing friends she met when we were here visiting.  Gabbie loves the country life~the easy pace, the farm community, and the kind of fun kids here create.  She loves dancing and just hanging out.  Sometimes I think God the Father has a special spot for that girl and hears her prayers in a unique way.  This year, Gabbie celebrated her birthday in the setting she has prayed for.  There must have been 40 teens here celebrating with Gabbie~volleyball, games, food and dancing.  The neat part it, all five of our kids were out in the middle of it.  Some of the older teens taught the younger girls how to swing dance.  Max was in the mix with his high school cousins~being used as a human baseball bat as bean bags were being tossed at him!  Everyone had a great time and I loved seeing this mix of all ages working so well!

Along with the joy of this new setting, God sent us reminders of the blessings of where we have been.  Two of Gabbie’s Tri-Cities friends came for the weekend to celebrate!  Jenn and Nicole brought with them all the joy and love and beauty we have known from living away!  They know Gabbie in a special and amazing way!  They have been a source of support for Gabbie through the ups and downs of teenage life!  These girls came and worked with us to make the party happen.  As always, they brought  the gift of laughter~the kind of laughter that is so continuous and so unaffected that it fills the corners of your home!  By the time the party started I was literally joy-soaked!

I don’t know why my eyes are filled with tears again.  Maybe it is because there has been a certain amount of pain in moving and wondering if we were ever going to be okay.  Maybe it is because yesterday, I watched my sweet daughter turn 18 with one of her heartfelt prayers answered.  I watched the laughter, the dancing, the games, gifts and giggles.   Maybe it is because of my gratitude to God for giving us Gabbie. Maybe the tears came because I am relieved.  Wishes do come true.  Prayers are answered.  Happy Birthday, sweet Gabbie!


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