Becoming Holy

What’s In A Name?

on August 3, 2013

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This is a lighthearted blog about the building of our home.  We have been on a mission to find an exterior paint color for our home since we put our house up for sale a year ago.  There is a home in our old neighborhood that we all absolutely LOVED.  We would drive by it and say what a beautiful home it was.  Not just one or two of us, but all seven of us.  When we spoke of building, THE house would come up in conversation.  We loved the roof color, the wall color, the stonework, the pitch of the roof, the red geraniums planted around the house~everything!  The problem was we felt that we could not do stucco in our new climate and were not sure how the stucco would transfer over as a paint color for siding.  

Joe has been encouraging me to line up the paint color since we moved in May.  I would search online, grab paint magazines, swatches and folders showcasing different color combos.  I poured over photographs, looked at new construction, and listened to opinions.  I could not find a color that looked like the house we all loved.  We had contacted the owners before we left about finding out their color.  They needed to find the color card and we intended to get back in touch.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have their phone number and our moving date was moved up.  I hadn’t retrieved the info before we moved.  I was confident that I could find something equally beautiful with all the research I was doing.

This week, after buying four quarts of paint that I thought might be what we wanted, I was ready to throw in the towel and surrender.  I simply was not going to find the right color.  Things were either too purple, too brown, too yellow or just too blah!  We decided to make a last ditch effort to find the color of THE HOME back in Kennewick.  We began with Google Earth to locate the house.  We found the house, used White Pages to find the owners, but couldn’t match names with what I remembered.  We called several of our friends/neighbors and asked their intervention in seeking paint names.  In less than a day, we received a text from our friend, Pamela.  She had successfully contacted the homeowners and told me I was going to LOVE the paint names but she was waiting on the numbers.  I scrolled to her next text where I read the main color of the house…wait for it….Franciscan Robe!!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!  And then the trim color….chocolate chip!  I was borderline ecstatic!!!  Holy and Delicious!!!  All rolled together in our favorite house!  These were stucco colors but could be transferred to paint.

The next two days involved many phone calls and trips back and forth to our local building supply company.  In a fantastic series of events, we successfully located the original manufacturer of the colors Franciscan Robe and Chocolate Chip.  The Dutch Boy representative was able to crack the code and two quarts of these beautiful colors were mixed up.  Stunning!  Just what we hoped for.  We mixed a quart of Rustic Red for our front door and it fit the scheme beautifully.  I know it’s frivolous, but I LOVE the names of our paint.  I can see God’s fingerprints all over our quest for paint.  We had been praying about finding the right color and I had decided there simply wasn’t one and I should be content with anything that was okay.  However, I couldn’t quite get over the feeling that we weren’t there yet.  And then, God stepped in and helped out…He came running to greet us, paint can in hand.  Franciscan Robe calls to mind St. Francis of Assisi, the California Mission Trail, Padre Pio, Pope Francis and so many other fantastic “Franciscan” connections.  Just as the mission pictured above is a place of warm welcome, I can envision the same for our home.  Once the warm welcome is established, what does one offer guests but chocolate chip cookies!  Chocolate Chip is a delightful name!  I see it as  an invitation to JOY, an indication that this house will be comforting, sometimes indulgent, welcoming to strangers, a gift of warmth, and a delight.  This name combination is a framework for what I hope this home becomes.

This seemingly small event feeds my spirit in many ways.  It reminds me that God does care about us, that He is in the details, that things can appear hopeless and then transform in an instant.  I am reminded not to doubt, to realize that prayer works, and to bow before a Creator who wants to meet our every desire.  I love Him for caring about the names of my paint.  I love Him for assuring me that all will be well.  If you have been reading my blogs of late, you know that the assurance was needed.

We are children of a glorious God.  What’s In A Name?  EVERYTHING!

Philippians 2:10-11

“so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bend,

in heaven and on earth and under the earth,

and every tongue should confess

that Jesus Christ is Lord,

to the glory of God the Father.”

Giving thanks to our God, precious Daddy, for taking time to remind me who I am to you!  I would love to take a paint brush and write of my love to You all over our new home~words of thanks and praise!  Words written in Franciscan Robe and punctuated with Chocolate Chip!  Blessed be your Holy Name!


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