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My Boys!

on May 22, 2013


I recently visited with my husband’s mom, Barbara, about the arrival of little Max into our family!  We reminisced to 2007…Joe’s cousin, Fr. Len, had died too young from meningitis. The entire family was mourning the loss of our great friend, priest, mentor and precious family member.  I remember the day in February when Barb called me and expressed her sadness at the loss of Fr. Len.

“We need a priest in the family,” she exclaimed. “I don’t think any of the grandsons are called to the priesthood,”  she added.  “You and Joe need to have another baby.  A boy.  He can be a priest.”

I remember chuckling into the phone and responding that I would talk to Joe and we would see what we could do.  I was  38 years old and we had five DAUGHTERS!  Pretty sure we would not be able to help out in this situation.  I called Joe and his response, like mine, was a little chuckle.  We were both pretty confident that this was not part of God’s plan.

Within two weeks time, our entire world changed.  Joe was promoted to a new job and we were moving to the Tri-Cities from Twin Falls, Idaho.  Our family of women drove to join him and look for houses.  Every time we got in the car with the realtor, I got so carsick I could hardly stand it.  After several days of this, I thought I better take a pregnancy test.  It was negative.  We went out to dinner and had beer to celebrate Joe’s new job.  Still not feeling well, I took a second test three days later and was SHOCKED to see the little plus sign!  I immediately thought of Barb’s “suggestion” and my face broke into a grin.  One out of three wishes granted!

Three months later, we went for a diagnostic ultrasound~~a given because of our history with Jennifer!  It was Madison’s birthday and we decided we would find out the gender of the baby.  After five baby girls, I was used to hearing well-intentioned people say things that would be better kept to themselves.  ( You know~”oh…too bad…we were praying you would have a boy!)  We decided we would let people know ahead of time and they could get it all out of their system before another precious daughter showed up!

The ultrasound tech was kind and fun.  He had five sons and a daughter.  He told us how he had begged his wife to have “one more baby” to see if they could have a girl.  He’d always wanted a daughter and was thrilled when number six was a sweet little girl!  We shared our story and let him know we were great either way, but needed to find out so that people would be gentle with their remarks later.  He placed the ultrasound on my abdomen and sadly announced, “I’m sorry.  It’s another boy.”

“WHAT!~~First of all, it wouldn’t be “another boy,” it would be the only boy.  Second of all, nothing to be sorry about either way!  He caught himself and joyfully told us we were having a little boy!  SHOCKING!  My brain did not process.  I remember thinking, “He cannot be correct.  We simply do not MAKE those.”  I asked him to look again and sure enough, there was Max!  Barb’s second request~granted.

I cannot begin to tell you how much JOY this little boy has brought to our family!  We thank God for the gift of his life.  He is a soulful, thoughtful boy.  I don’t know whether he will grow up to be a priest or not.  I do know, I am working to raise a little boy who will grow up to be a man of deep faith.

Joe inspires me on this path as I look to what a real man is.  I love the way Joe loves God.  I admire his exuberance for the faith and his zest for life.  His commitment to family and the love he shows his parents are another beautiful part of him. He is one to speak his mind and to have courage to stand up for his beliefs.  I know that although Joe’s actions will speak the loudest to Max~my prayers for him and with him will help shape him into the man he is called to be.  My heartstrings are pulled each time Joe steps back as we leave our bench at Mass to let the girls and I go first.  Max steps back with his dad~learning to honor and respect women.  The relationship between the two men in my life is a blessing!

We will wait to see what God has planned for Maximilian Joseph and for Joseph Michael.  Thanking God for the gift of their lives and asking His blessings on each of them.


3 responses to “My Boys!

  1. Fr. Bruce Wren says:

    Two great men! May God’s will guide them and strengthen them. Fr. Bruce, L.C.

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