Becoming Holy

To Keep A Memory

on May 8, 2013

sunrise“I will continue my path, but I will keep a memory always.”  This quote by Rosie Thomas plucked at my heartstrings this morning.  Shortly after, sweet Jordan sent this beautiful photo of this morning’s sunrise in the Tri-Cities!  How does one keep a memory?  Photographs…letters…emails…keepsakes…yes.  Yet it seems that the best way to keep a memory is through our friendships and relationships.  We are all connected in the Body of Christ and yet, we often forget that.  This big move back home has been an incredible reminder of that fact.  These past months, I have found myself discerning God’s will.  How difficult it is to pack up and leave a place, a way of life, a beautiful community, an incredible parish…

The readings at Mass since Easter have been from the book of the Acts of the Apostles.  It has been a blessing to ponder the early Church.  In no way do I compare our move to the comings and goings of the apostles, but they have given me courage.  I imagine how much they missed Jesus after His Ascension into Heaven.  How they probably longed to have Him back.  They probably spent more than a few hours sitting around the fire or dinner table retelling old stories.  “Remember when Jesus healed your mom?”  “Remember when He scared us during the storm and walked on water?”  Lots of laughter.  Lots of tears.  And as much as they wanted to stay together, they had been commissioned to “Go out and spread the Gospel to all the nations.”  They each had a specific job to do to fulfill God’s will.  They also had a specific joy to “Keep A Memory.”  According to Webster, Memory is “the power or process of reproducing or recalling what has been learned and retained…”  The Greek root is mermera which means “care.”  Each apostle had to recall and reproduce what Jesus had taught them~to keep His life in their care.

My heart is full of memories~people, places and events~and each has taught me about life.  I will keep these in my care to recall and reproduce.  Here in this place, new memories are being made. Family, friends, and neighbors are stopping by and welcoming us to this new way of life.  We have been graced with help in moving into our home.  We have been gifted with tickets to a play, cookies from new friends, and hugs from those who have known us since childhood.  My van has not moved since I parked it on Saturday.  We walk to Mass.  We walk to the playground.  We hang clothes on the line and play with our dog.  We jump in Joe’s pickup and drive to our property to watch our new home being built.  So far, it has been a very simple life.

This day, I seek to be a better person~transformed by each memory in my life.  I thank the Apostles for having the courage to spread the Gospel, that we might all know Christ and become more like Him.  Most importantly, I desire to recall and retain all that I have learned about Jesus, because of their great faith.  To Keep His Memory in my care.  To reproduce that Memory in my life and in my actions.


3 responses to “To Keep A Memory

  1. You are such an inspirational writer! Love and miss you. Remember to send me the project Moses info. We have meeting this weekend.

  2. Fr. Bruce Wren says:

    Hi Charlene. Wow, what a writer! After St. Augustine, you! Say hi to Joe for me. Hope all is well in… Cottonwood (that makes me smile and laugh a little). God bless, Fr. Bruce.

    • charstar87 says:

      Thank you, Fr. Bruce! I am humbled by your kind words! Joe and I went to our property this morning~looks great! House is going up! All is well in Cottonwood! Hope you fare as well in France! When are you coming home next?

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